About us

Sciknow Techno Solutions Limited Formerly known as Forstar Techno Solutions Private Ltd. The company represents manufacturing expertise and R&D capability in the three main hardware device areas of Desktop PC Computing, Mobility Computing (Laptops and Tablet PC) and Smart Phone devices.

STSL in India is focused on leveraging the global supply chain of STSL to provide latest technology devices at competitive prices. The existing range of devices on offer in India under the Sciknow brand are listed below:

  • Tablet PC: A new age Smart Computing device with display screen sizes ranging from 7″ to 12.2″. These devices are based on the latest world leading Intel x86 architecture.
  • Smart Phones: Range of Smart Phone devices with highly advanced features like high-resolution touch screen display, WiFi connectivity, Web browsing capabilities, and the ability to accept sophisticated applications. High-end smartphones now run on processors with high processing speeds coupled with low power consumption.Smartphones are also equipped with innovative sensors like accelerometers or even gyrscopes. Accelerometers are responsible for displaying screens in portrait and landscape mode, while gyroscopes make it possible for games to support motion-based navigation.
  • Desktop Personal Computers: Computing solutions designed to address the first-time PC customer with active technology collaboration with world leaders, INTEL and MICROSOFT. These devices have been specifically designed to support the DIGITAL INDIA initiative and are positioned to bridge the Digital Divide, addressing the Computing needs of the next Billion from the Developing World.

All products come with cloud enabled solution embedded in the product for various priority social sectors like Education, Health and E-Governance (G2C services). These CLOUD services are provided in collaboration with our strategic Technology partners, M/s Novatium Solutions Private Limited, India.

STSL is the first electronics manufacturing unit in the state of Chhattisgarh. There are plans to expand the factory into an IT cluster manufacturing site that will integrate backwards and get into manufacturing of components and sub-assemblies critical to the Smart Computing devices.

The founders of the company share a common vision of making India a manufacturing hub of ICT products and Raipur, Chattisgarh being centrally located, offers a unique location advantage to address customer needs across India.